Newaco Grupo Lda. (Established in 1998) has been a major force in the Angola economy since date of its establishment. Newaco Group is a leading wholesale frozen food importer and distributor in Angola with major shares of the market for all its products. It is proud to have gained the confidence of the market through consistency, quality, stability, affordable pricing and excellent service.
The group owns 30 storage and distribution centers throughout Angola, a majority of which also operate as retail outlets. The distribution fleet includes more than 100 vehicles (Sister Concern Transport Service) and more than 150 expertise (Angola & Overseas) with excellent productivity via advance automated controlling system. It also has a frozen food subsidiary based in Europe, China, Dubai for procurement, product Quality Control and to streamline export processes.
The Newaco group is a clear market leader in the wholesale of frozen food products in Angola, and is growing substantially each year especially after 2002. Newaco group imports frozen and chilled products and distributes them through its subsidiaries, wholesalers, retailers, and major Super Market, Hyper Market, hotels and restaurants throughout Angola.
It has maintained high quality standards for all its products. Respect towards customers has always been a priority for Newaco Group aiming to offer the best value for money.
The Newaco group is one of the fastest growing companies in the frozen sector in Angola, and it is moving confidently towards the future, ready to meet the challenges of a modernizing economy.
Our goal is to provide our customers and suppliers with highly personalized service and to develop long-term business relationship, build upon mutual understanding, communication, trust and integrity.
Newaco’s goal is to supply each customer with quality product, best service and competitive prices in the most efficient and professional manner.
Newaco Group's mission is to offer a highly personalized and professional service in the food market, with specific policies and standards for serving customers and producers. It carefully monitors the quality of the product it buys and sells and the service it provides.
We care about the unique and individual needs of each of our customers and are able to satisfy each of our customer's demand in the most efficient and professional manner.