Newaco Grupo having basket of well known brands in the sector of frozen food. These are very popular brands consistently outscoring other brands in the retail sector with their high quality, excellent packaging and very competitive pricing.
At sourcing Newaco Grupo prefers the latest technology in packaging because we consider it our duty to offer our customers- products of the highest quality, consistency and long shelf life.
Our high turnover and fast, safe delivery under perfect conditions, ensures freshness through the life cycle of the product, and translates into profits for our supermarket and grocer customers

Allana brand is owned by Allana Group , Group is acknowledged as India’s leading exporter of a vast range of processed foods and agro commodities. Allana Group pioneered the export of Frozen Halal Boneless Buffalo Meat from Indian in 1969 and continue to remain the largest exporter of frozen, fresh and Chilled halal boneless Buffalo Meat products from India .
Confidence is owned by BRF GROUP.

Chicken Franks are made with selected chicken meat and seasoned with natural condiments, that provides a special taste to the product. Confidence Chicken Franks are great for a delicious meal at any time.
Frangosul is the brand for the JBS FRANGOSUL Group's exports from Brazil and covers standard products as well as certain processed products, with a range of cordons-bleus and nuggets offered in three recipes (cheese, barbecue or traditional).
Friboi is the brand for the JBS FRANGOSUL Group's exports from Brazil .JBS is currently the largest protein processor in the world. The company operates in the processing of beef, pork, lamb and chicken and in processing hides. It also sells toiletries and cleaning, collagen, metal packaging, biodiesel, among others.
Alibem guarantee the quality and excellence of its products, it carries out rigorous control throughout entire production process based on the following quality systems: GMP, SSOP and HACCP. These procedures are monitored daily by a technical team specialized in the field of Quality Control, which carries out inspections and checks on company’s infrastructure, operational procedures and final products.
Perdix is a trusted brand that offers you a one stop shop of convenience and delicious foods. Whether you’re looking for the perfect whole chicken, turkey, pork pieces or even the quick and easy convenience products, we have a wide to help you add your own personal touch for that perfect tasting meal your whole family will love.

Perdix, we love to cook with you.
Pilgrim's is the second-largest chicken producer in the world, with operations in the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Our corporate headquarters is in Greeley, Colorado.

For over six decades, Pilgrim's has produced healthy, high-quality food products that go into some of the world's finest recipes. We are dedicated to providing these wholesome, high-quality products at a great value, allowing everyone to eat well.

With a wide variety of fresh, fully cooked, ready-to-cook, and individually frozen chicken, Pilgrim's is the foundation for great-tasting and nutritious meals. Pilgrim's is all about great taste.
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Sadia, a brand born out of the good things in life that not only embraces the spirit of innovation but the joy of making great meals for family and friends to share memorable moments with.

Sadia is made up of a wide basket of convenient, great tasting foods that are unique and that offer solutions for any eating occasion. This range of quality food made from A-Grade chicken is loved and enjoyed by millions of people from around the world.

SADIA – The joy of good food!
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Seara Osi is the global brand of food Group. Seara's product portfolio is in line with modern life, providing taste and convenience for consumers. The company is the second largest producer and exporter of poultry processed more products in Brazil and one of the largest producers and exporters of Brazilian pork meat.

The company offers the full range of poultry products, ranging from chicken and turkey pieces whole and cut special ara industrial products, such as breaded products, ready meals, burgers, lasagna, pizza, bologna, ham, sausages, sausages, items smoked salami, cured meat, special product lines with low fat and salt content as well as traditional products and party. The company also offers the full range of products from pork, pork in whole piece, as well as in special cuts, thermo-processed and processed products such as bologna, ham, sausages, smoked items, among others.

Seara was created in 1956, its headquarters is located in Itajaí (SC) and commercial office in São Paulo (SP), the operational structure includes 29 operating units, about 36 000 employees and 10 000 outgrowers. Other operating units of Seara include a private marina, hatcheries, breeding farms and food production facilities.

Since January 2010, Seara became part of the Group Osi and integrated the operations of companies and brands traditional Santa, Zeina, and Mabella DaGranja
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GJ is the brand for the JBS Group's exports from Brazil JBS is currently the largest protein processor in the world. The company operates in the processing of beef, pork, lamb and chicken and in processing hides. It also sells toiletries and cleaning, collagen, metal packaging, biodiesel, among others.
Koch Foods
Koch Foods is fully committed to the ethical and humane treatment of our live poultry, responsible use and treatment of our planet's resources and safety of the food products we produce.

Koch Foods, approach is pretty simple-develop and manufacture consistent, high quality food products that bring value through competitive prices and distribute them with outstanding customer service.

Koch Foods,approach has always been pretty simple - deliver quality with a focus on value. Many of the nation's top private label and branded food manufacturers have chosen Koch Foods because they know that they will get consistent, high-quality poultry parts and components, at a very competitive price. Koch Foods provides the following benefits:

• Reliable supply, even as demand fluctuates
• A vast variety of products
• Flexible packaging and labeling options
• Customized flavor and coating systems
• Steadfast food safety
• Superior value
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