Global Presence

A key element of Newaco Group’s growth is its strong commitment to the global marketplace. The company sells products and import from supplier of more than 30 nations, and its international opportunities and pursuits are growing.
A broad global presence is critical to Newaco’s growth and enables us to better understand and address the challenges that our customers face. Continuing our globalization efforts has been a key pillar of Newaco’s Growth Initiative for the past decade.
Newaco has a global network of trading links with markets throughout the world.
We have established long term business relationship with the major processors of beef, buffalo , pork, sea-food and poultry worldwide. Our multi-continent sourcing strategy ensures we can obtain the optimum deals for our customer by ensuring continuous supply in market.
Our business partners consist of manufacturers, traders and frozen food service operators worldwide. Our long established relationships are a testament to our proven competitive edge. We continually strive to maintain and improve our customer satisfaction levels.