Ethical Code Of Practice – Newaco Group

Newaco Group firmly trades in accordance with ethical principles. It strongly believes that its customers, suppliers and local communities, it is associated with, have an inherent right to expect that the services they receive from Newaco Group is managed ethically. It is proud to have nurtured and maintained a strong relationship with its ethical code of practice.

  1. 1) Generous selection of employment. No enforced labour.
    • A. In Newaco Group, employment is chosen freely without any forced labour.
    • B. Workers here are not expected to lodge deposits or even provide their identity papers. It is up to them to decide if they want to terminate their employment after agreed lawful notice.

  2. 2) Liberty of association/dissociation
    • A. Workers will certainly have the right to the association or dissociation to trade and also to bargain collectively or individually; however, within the framework of the Newaco Group.
    • B. Newaco Group follows an open policy towards the activities, including organizational, of trade unions.
    • C. There is no discrimination among workers and their representatives. They can carry out their respective functions reasonably.
    • D. Newaco Group facilitates development of required means for independence and free association.

  3. 3) Safe and hygienic working conditions.
    • A. Newaco Group has a Health and Safety Policy. Considering the current requirements of food processing industry, hygienic and secure working environment is provided to all. Necessary steps are also taken so as to prevent injury or accident in the course of work.
    • B. Workers at Newaco Group receive regular training regarding health, safety, food hygiene, etc.
    • C. Facilities such as proper sanitary for food storage, clean toilet, potable water, etc. are provided.
    • D. A clean and safe accommodation is designed to meet basic needs of all the workers.
    • E. The responsibility for health and safety of all the sites has been allocated to senior management representative.

  4. 4) No child labour
    • A. Newaco Group does not advocate employment of children under the age group of 18.

  5. 5) Living wages are paid
    • A. Wages and several benefits are paid according to the legal standards or industry benchmark standards, whichever is applicable. Wages/hourly rates provided to workers are always enough to meet their basic needs.
    • B. Written terms and conditions of employment will be given to the staff which will show the employment relationship, respective responsibility of an employee, pay, working hours, disciplinary procedures, sick pay rules, holiday entitlement, notice periods for the termination of employment, etc.
    • C. There will be no deductions from the wages. Employees will get pay slips detailing all lawful deductions.

  6. 6) No excessive working hours
    • A. Newaco Group’s working hours will be in compliance with national laws and industry standards.
    • B. Workers shall not be required to work for more than 48 hours per week on a regular basis. They shall be provided a one day off for every seven day period on an average. Moreover, working overtime will be employee’s decision and this too should not exceed 12 hours per week.

  7. 7) No Discrimination
    • A. There will not be any space for discrimination in any form including recruitment, compensation, promotion, training, termination and even retirement. Worker’s age, gender, marital status, religion, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, will not give rise to discrimination.
    • B. Employees will be given opportunities for personal and career development on equal basis.

  8. 8) Regular employment
    • A. Employees should perform their respective work on the basis of recognized employment relationship which is established through national law and practice.

  9. 9) No inhumane treatment
    • A. Physical abuse, threat or other types of harassments in any form will be prohibited.