Welcome to Newaco Grupo Lda.

Newaco Grupo Lda., an international trading company, specializes in the trading activities of frozen and chilled beef, pork, poultry, meat offal, seafood and also vegetables from South and North America, EU, Australia, Asia and New Zealand. It trades food products, raw and semi cooked, for wholesalers, semi wholesalers, retailers and HORECA segments.
Newaco Grupo's head office is situated in Luanda (Angola). It also has four strategically located offices in Zheziang (China), Portugal (Europe), India and Dubai (Asia). The huge territory covered by the Newco group gives rise to the possibility to obtain detailed knowledge of each producing region.
There are specialists with profound knowledge on each region in all Newaco offices. These specialists conduct extensive market research and have immense expertise to their credit which helps Newaco Group deliver quality product and best service with competitive price. Its highly experienced team has created a totally fresh, unique and contemporary approach to the trading business which is appropriate for today’s market and customers’ needs.
Newaco daily monitors and analyzes the situation of each indicator of the global chain in order to respond fast on market changes and understand as well as foresee future tendencies in commodities and premium products in markets; it believes in being a one step ahead.
Newaco will be happy to have opportunity to start working with you, provide you with our experience, professional approach to the business, highly personalized service and the will to work hard for mutual benefit.